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Exclusively created for DonorsChoose projects and available through AKJ Education, Junior Library Guild (JLG) subscription boxes are now available for school librarians and educators! JLG subscription boxes are filled with Gold Standard titles which JLG has selected after rigorous review of thousands of NEW publisher titles each season. JLG curates only the best titles, saving you time and money when building your collection. In fact, 95% of JLG selections win industry awards and favorable reviews.

Now you can add specially-curated, 30-book, 40-book OR 50-book subscription bundles to your DonorsChoose project. The subscription bundles deliver 3-5 books per month for 10 months so that during the school year, you are constantly receiving new titles to introduce to students.  Bundles can be customized for elementary, middle, and high school projects and you will be able to select from JLG’s bestselling themes.  Once your project is funded, a JLG collection development advisor will help you customize your bundle exactly to your specifications.  Subscriptions start on a rolling basis starting after you finalize your bundle details.  Your themed selections will arrive every month for 10 months during the school year. Books will not ship during the summer calendar months, June and July.   

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