NGSS Grade 5 - Complete Collection (35 Books)

NGSS Grade 5 - Complete Collection (35 Books)

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  • Author: AKJ Education
  • Binding: Collection
  • Fiction/ Nonfiction: Nonfiction
  • Subject: STEM
  • Annotation: This collection is the complete collection for this grade level. It contains all of the leveled informational texts aligned to each of the NGSS disciplinary core ideas for this grade level. This exclusive AKJ Education collection should help supplement any science curriculum OR enrich language arts classes with science-rich, nonfiction titles. Note: Specific disciplinary core idea collections are available individually.
  • Grade Level: 4-5
  • Publisher: Akj Education

This Collection Contains:

Who Was Isaac Newton?
by Pascal, Janet B. / Foley, Tim (ILT)
ISBN: 9780448479132
Black Holes
by Than, Ker
ISBN: 9780531228012
The World of Elements and Their Properties
by Van Gorp, Lynn
ISBN: 9780743905817
Science Fair Projects About Rocks and Minerals
by Gardner, Robert
ISBN: 9780766082274
Environmental Engineering and the Science of Sustainability
by Snedden, Robert
ISBN: 9780778712312
Living in a Sustainable Way
by Kopp, Megan
ISBN: 9780778720089
Growing and Eating Green
by Owen, Ruth/ Gazlay, Suzy
ISBN: 9780778748649
Soil Erosion and How to Prevent It
by Hyde, Natalie
ISBN: 9780778754169
Learning About the Movement of the Sun and Other Stars with Graphic Organizers
by Nadeau, Isaac
ISBN: 9781404250406
The Gripping Truth About Forces and Motion
by Biskup, Agnieszka / Lum, Bernice (ILT)
ISBN: 9781429692984
Hand to Earth Saving the Environment
by Cohn, Jessica
ISBN: 9781433348686
Water Is Precious
by Mcallan, Kate
ISBN: 9781448879816
Marveling at Minerals
by Walker, Sally M.
ISBN: 9781467707923
The Solar System Through Infographics
by Higgins, Nadia / Waananen, Lisa (ILT)
ISBN: 9781467715942
Experiments with Matter and Materials
by Oxlade, Chris
ISBN: 9781477759707
Plant Reproduction
by Buchanan, Shelly
ISBN: 9781480746763
Life and Non-Life in an Ecosystem
by Rice, William B.
ISBN: 9781480747166
Digestion and Using Food
by Conklin, Wendy
ISBN: 9781480747173
Mixtures and Solutions
by Westrup, Hugh
ISBN: 9781480747210
The Powerful Ocean
by Buchanan, Shelly
ISBN: 9781480747265
The Milky Way
by Sherman, Suzanne
ISBN: 9781480747272
by Buchanan, Shelly
ISBN: 9781480747289
Global Warming
by Buchanan, Shelly
ISBN: 9781480747296
How Many Cells Are in Your Body?
by Canavan, Thomas
ISBN: 9781499431650
Harnessing Biofuels
by Dickmann, Nancy
ISBN: 9781499432107
The Quest to Digest
by Corcoran, Mary K. / Czekaj, Jef (ILT)
ISBN: 9781570916656
Our Footprint On Earth
by Sturm, Jeanne
ISBN: 9781606945261
Food Chains and Webs
by Solway, Andrew
ISBN: 9781606949917
Plants As Food, Fuel, and Medicine
by Lundgren, Julie K.
ISBN: 9781618102355
The Earth and The Role of Water
by Duke, Shirley
ISBN: 9781618102591
Flippin' Awesome
by Doughty, Sarah
ISBN: 9781631581694
Tracking the Weather
by Davies, Monika
ISBN: 9781480746480
Living in Space
by Dugan, Christine
ISBN: 9781433336751
Learning About Cells
Learning About Cells
ISBN: 9781580373210
Weather Watch
Weather Watch
ISBN: 9781496657787

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