NGSS Middle  School - Complete Collection (51 Books)

NGSS Middle School - Complete Collection (51 Books)

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  • Author: AKJ Education
  • Binding: Collection
  • Fiction/ Nonfiction: Nonfiction
  • Subject: STEM
  • Annotation: This collection is the complete collection for this grade level. It contains all of the leveled informational texts aligned to each of the NGSS disciplinary core ideas for this grade level. This exclusive AKJ Education collection should help supplement any science curriculum OR enrich language arts classes with science-rich, nonfiction titles. Note: Specific disciplinary core idea collections are available individually.
  • Grade Level: 6-8
  • Publisher: Akj Education

This Collection Contains:

The World of Genetics
by Van Gorp, Lynn
ISBN: 9780743905978
Basher Science: Biology Life As We Know It
by Green, Dan / Basher, Simon
ISBN: 9780753462539
Human Body
by Basher, Simon / Green, Dan
ISBN: 9780753465011
Basher Science: Technology
by Basher, Simon / Green, Dan
ISBN: 9780753468203
The Stars
by Jefferis, David
ISBN: 9780778737438
Climate Maps
by O'Brien, Cynthia
ISBN: 9780778744962
Population Patterns
by Hyde, Natalie
ISBN: 9780778751977
What Are Newton's Laws of Motion?
by O'Leary, Denyse
ISBN: 9780778772071
What Is the Theory of Plate Tectonics?
by Saunders, Craig
ISBN: 9780778772095
Nuclear Power
by Bailey, Diane
ISBN: 9780898129977
How Do Scientists Explore Space?
by Snedden, Robert
ISBN: 9781410941824
The Basics of Cell Life With Max Axiom, Super Scientis
by Keyser, Amber J.
ISBN: 9781429639040
Decoding Genes With Max Axiom, Super Scientist
by Keyser, Amber J.
ISBN: 9781429648622
Genetic Modification
by Gray, Leon
ISBN: 9781433986369
Planet Under Pressure
by Anniss, Matt
ISBN: 9781433986444
Electric and Magnetic Phenomena
Electric and Magnetic Phenomena
by Galiano, Dean
ISBN: 9781448822393
Chemical Reactions
by Wolny, Philip
ISBN: 9781448822423
Experimenting With Sound Science Projects
by Gardner, Robert
ISBN: 9781464402258
Key Discoveries in Engineering and Design
by Zuchora-Walske, Christine
ISBN: 9781467761581
Record-breaking Building Feats
by Richards, Jon / Simkins, Ed
ISBN: 9781467793803
Humans and Earth's Atmosphere
by Sawyer, Ava
ISBN: 9781515772132
Protecting Our Natural Resources
by Hirsch, Rebecca E.
ISBN: 9781602796614
A World of Her Own
by Ross, Michael Elsohn
ISBN: 9781613744383
Food Webs
by Ballard, Carol
ISBN: 9781615323401
Enterprise STEM
by Duke, Shirley
ISBN: 9781617419836
Forces and Motion At Work
by Duke, Shirley
ISBN: 9781617419904
The Nervous System
by Duke, Shirley
ISBN: 9781618102546
Medical Technology and Engineering
by Mooney, Carla
ISBN: 9781618102560
Battling Extinction
by Orr, Tamra B.
ISBN: 9781624317903
Information Waves
by Duke, Shirley / Sirota, Lyn
ISBN: 9781681914336
What's Your Potential?
by McNeilly, Linden
ISBN: 9781681914367
Cells:  Constructing Living Things
by Mangor, Jodie
ISBN: 9781681914398
Rock Cycle
by Larson, Kirsten
ISBN: 9781681914404
Basher Science: Climate Change
by Basher, Simon
ISBN: 9780753471753
by Mooney, Carla
ISBN: 9781618102607
The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind
by Kamkwamba, William / Mealer, Bryan / Zunon, Elizabeth (ILT)
ISBN: 9780147510426
by Spilsbury, Louise / Spilsbury, Richard
ISBN: 9781432981549
Chemical Reactions
by Winterberg, Jenna
ISBN: 9781480747241
Body 2. 0
by Latta, Sara
ISBN: 9781541528130
Plant Growth
by Spilsbury, Louise / Spilsbury, Richard
ISBN: 9781484636947
Everglades Forever
by Marx, Trish/ Karp, Cindy (PHT)
ISBN: 9781600603396
Fighting to Survive the Polar Regions
by Burgan, Michael
ISBN: 9780756565701
Pioneers in Cell Biology
by Cregan, Elizabeth R. C.
ISBN: 9780743905862
Composition of Matter
by Paris, Morgaine
ISBN: 9781480747203
Variation in Living Things
by Snedden, Robert
ISBN: 9781410944344
Fighting to Survive Underground
Fighting to Survive Underground
ISBN: 9780756565671
The Future of Energy
The Future of Energy
ISBN: 9781496666246
Solar Power
Solar Power
ISBN: 9781610809238
Trash Vortex
by Smith-Llera, Danielle
ISBN: 9780756557492
The Early Days of Space Exploration
by E. Harmon, Daniel
ISBN: 9781680486650
Aerospace Engineering and the Principles of Flight
by Rooney, Anne
ISBN: 9780778775003

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