180 Films for Global Citizenship Education

180 Films for Global Citizenship Education

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One year streaming access to SIMA Classroom, a groundbreakingvirtual education program serving students worldwide through the dynamic powerof social impact cinema.


With access to over 180 award-winning short documentaries, VRexperiences and participatory lessons, the streaming platform takes students ona journey from empathy and critical thinking to action.


Educators find ready-made lessons that empower students tocollaborate, advocate and create positive change inside and outside theclassroom. Aligned to the IB curriculum and Common Core standards, educatorsuse SIMA Classroom to advance the global competencies and social emotionalskills at the forefront of 21st century learning. 


Designed as a fast track to global citizenship education and celebratedas "the Netflix of social impact education", educators find engaging,current affairs media and teaching resources that illuminate global topics suchas climate change, racial justice and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),through carefully curated films from over 140 countries.

Bonus features: Perfectly suited to keep students engaged in times ofremote learning, SIMA Classroom’s monthly student film club and virtualexchanges with filmmakers and experts have been popular bonus features thatattracted 15,000 new students since March 2020.
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