BrainPOP Jr. (Grades K-3) 12 month Teacher Subscription

BrainPOP Jr. (Grades K-3) 12 month Teacher Subscription

  • Author: BrainPOP
  • Binding: Digital
  • Publisher: AKJ Education

BrainPOP Jr. ® offers hundreds of animated movies plus related interactive quizzes, learning games, and activities—aligned to the Common Core and other academic standards. We cover topics within Science, Reading & Writing, Math, Health, Social Studies, Arts & Technology and SEL-themed topics aligned to address each of CASEL's five competencies.

Pinpoint the content that best fits your needs with our Standards Search Tool and Lesson Ideas from BrainPOP Educators, our free professional community. Subscriptions include mobile access (iOS, Android) at no extra charge.

Over the years, 6 million educators and 35,000 U.S. schools have turned to BrainPOP to raise achievement and challenge the minds of 3000 million learners worldwide!

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