Game Builder: Platformer, Sprite Animations, Frogger (30 Students)

Game Builder: Platformer, Sprite Animations, Frogger (30 Students)

  • Binding: Digital
  • Publisher: CodeMonkey Studios Inc

This 1-year subscription teaches students with prior knowledge of coding to design games like a professional. For students who have completed the CodeMonkey Coding Adventure courses, Game Builder is the ideal platform for freestyle game-creating with Platformer, Sprite Animations, and Frogger. Share students' games with the class and the world! Student creations are compatible with any PC, laptop or mobile device.

With Platformer, you can teach the fundamentals of game design through 35 fully-detailed exercises. Help your students master keyboard user-interface and game mechanics, including keyboard events, timers, collision events, and more! Afterwards, students will be able to share their very own Super Mario™ styled games.

With Sprite Animations, it's possible to invest in your students' artistic side as they draw images, program animations, and create original sprites for their very own games. In these 26 exercises, students will move closer towards channeling their inner digital artist.

Frogger includes 30 fully-detailed exercises where students will learn how to create their own versions of the classic game Frogger™. Student-created games will be controlled via touch interface and can be played on mobile phones.

This subscription includes access also to Challenge Builder, a way to leverage CodeMonkey to go hand in hand with your teaching style and build your own challenges. With Challenge Builder, you can provide students with extra practice. You can also allow students to test one another as they use this platform to create and share their own challenges. For ages 12+.