Cubelets: Creative Constructors Educator Pack

Cubelets: Creative Constructors Educator Pack

  • ISBN: 855165004437
  • Author: Cubelets
  • Annotation: Just like building blocks, only smarter! Invent and re-invent countless robot constructions with these magnetic robot blocks. Build Wonder and a life-long love of STEM through play. Cube lets are an educational toy that suits kids of all ages and skill sets. Free video resources to help you as you go from building Robots, to tactile coding, to programming your own cubelets personalities! Cubelets robot blocks are the ideal way to explore robotics, coding, design, engineering, and more. Perfect for classrooms, libraries, Makerspaces, museums, and anywhere that education happens. Brick adapters enable connection to brick-based building blocks and 5-Port charger and Micro-USB cables allow for easy recharging. Over 60 free lesson plans, worksheets, and other printables available online! 71 Cube lets included: 6 battery, 5 Blocker, 5 brightness, 10 distance, 10 drive, 5 flashlight, 5 inverse, 5 rotate, 5 Passive, 2 bar graph, 2 knob, 2 speaker, 2 temperature, 2 threshold, 5 Bluetooth hats.
  • Grade Level: K-1
  • Publisher: Cubelets

Grab the quintessential Cubelets collection! The Creative Constructors Pack facilitates easy adoption and high-ceiling academic activities with enough Cubelets to support 4 working groups. Programming challenges and remote control races are a snap because each group can utilize their own Bluetooth Cubelet. The Creative Constructors is our favorite mix of Cubelets for the budget savvy educator.

Save 25% off the retail equivalent price with the Creative Constructors Pack! The Cubelets Creative Constructors Pack is the consummate construction collection. Each Pack includes a blend of SENSE, THINK and ACT Cubelets for each group with a few additional Cubelets influenced by the FREE lesson plans from Modular Robotics!

Includes 56 Cubelets:

  • 6 Battery
  • 4 Passive
  • 4 Inverse
  • 4 Blocker
  • 4 Bluetooth
  • 2 Threshold
  • 8 Distance
  • 4 Brightness
  • 2 Knob
  • 8 Drive
  • 4 Flashlight
  • 4 Rotate
  • 2 Bar Graph


  • 8 Brick Adapters (2 sets of 4)
  • 1 5-Port Charger
  • 5 Charging Cables
  • 2 Storage Tubs

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