Grade 7 Classic Grade Level Library

Grade 7 Classic Grade Level Library

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  • Author: AKJ Education
  • Binding: Collection
  • Annotation: This exclusive AKJ Education collection provides you a varied set of books that can serve to start, grow, or replace your classroom library. The collection includes each of the mix-and-match 10-12 book mini-libraries into one grade level library including: fiction, nonfiction, favorites, high interest/low readability, and fiction/nonfiction paired studies.
  • Grade Level: 6-8
  • Publisher: AKJ Education

This Collection Contains:

Buddha Boy
by Koja, Kathe
ISBN: 9780142402092
by Erskine, Kathryn
ISBN: 9780142417751
Novio Boy
by Soto, Gary
ISBN: 9780152058630
by Smith, Roland / Ericsson, Anders / Pool, Robert
ISBN: 9780152062682
When You Reach Me
by Stead, Rebecca
ISBN: 9780375850868
The Running Dream
by Van Draanen, Wendelin
ISBN: 9780375866289
The Iphone That Saved George Washington
by Potter, David
ISBN: 9780385390590
by Frost, Helen
ISBN: 9781250062895
One Crazy Summer
by Williams-Garcia, Rita
ISBN: 9780060760908
Left Out
by Green, Tim
ISBN: 9780062293831
13 Little Blue Envelopes
by Johnson, Maureen
ISBN: 9780062439109
Absolutely Normal Chaos
by Creech, Sharon
ISBN: 9780064406321
Code Talker
by Bruchac, Joseph
ISBN: 9780142405963
We Beat the Street
by Hunt, Rameck / Jenkins, George / Davis, Sampson
ISBN: 9780142406274
by Law, Ingrid
ISBN: 9780142414330
Popular How a Geek in Pearls Discovered the Secret to Confidence
by Van Wagenen, Maya
ISBN: 9780147512543
Shakespeare's Secret
by Broach, Elise
ISBN: 9780312371326
by Gleitzman, Morris
ISBN: 9780312653040
Middle School, The Worst Years Of My Life
by Patterson, James / Tebbetts, Chris / Park, Laura (ILT)
ISBN: 9780316101691
by Van Draanen, Wendelin
ISBN: 9780375825446
The Fourteenth Goldfish
by Holm, Jennifer L.
ISBN: 9780375871146
One Came Home
by Timberlake, Amy
ISBN: 9780375873454
Discovering Wes Moore (The Young Adult Adaptation)
by Moore, Wes
ISBN: 9780385741682
An American Plague
by Murphy, Jim
ISBN: 9780395776087
Flags of Our Fathers
by Bradley, James / Powers, Ron
ISBN: 9780440229209
Rosie the Riveter
by Colman, Penny
ISBN: 9780517885673
Sunny Side Up
by Holm, Jennifer L. / Holm, Matthew (ILT)
ISBN: 9780545741668
Counting on Grace
by Winthrop, Elizabeth
ISBN: 9780553487831
by Fox, Helen
ISBN: 9780553487954
Everything, Everything
by Yoon, Nicola
ISBN: 9780553496673
Tell Me Three Things
by Buxbaum, Julie
ISBN: 9780553535679
The Worst Hard Time
by Egan, Timothy
ISBN: 9780618773473
Parallel Journeys
by Ayer, Eleanor H. / Waterford, Helen / Heck, Alfons
ISBN: 9780689832369
Fever 1793
by Anderson, Laurie Halse
ISBN: 9780689848919
Beyond Courage
by Rappaport, Doreen
ISBN: 9780763669287
Cloud and Wallfish
by Nesbet, Anne
ISBN: 9780763688035
What Is the Theory of Plate Tectonics?
by Saunders, Craig
ISBN: 9780778772095
Biomedical Engineering and Human Body Systems
by Sjonger, Rebecca
ISBN: 9780778775263
In the Heart of the Sea
by Philbrick, Nathaniel
ISBN: 9781101997765
by Howe, James (EDT)
ISBN: 9781416926849
Out of My Mind
by Draper, Sharon M.
ISBN: 9781416971719
Crossing the Tracks
by Stuber, Barbara
ISBN: 9781416997047
Black Indians
by Katz, William Loren
ISBN: 9781442446373
No Summit out of Sight
by Romero, Jordan
ISBN: 9781481432764
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
by Riggs, Ransom
ISBN: 9781594746031
In Darkness
by Lake, Nick
ISBN: 9781619631229
Be a Changemaker
by Thompson, Laurie Ann
ISBN: 9781582704647
by Deuker, Carl
ISBN: 9781328742063
Anya's Ghost
by Brosgol, Vera
ISBN: 9781596435520
Other Words for Home
by Warga, Jasmine
ISBN: 9780062747808
Puppies, Dogs, and Blue Northers
by Paulsen, Gary
ISBN: 9780152061036
The Last Kids on Earth and the Midnight Blade
by Brallier, Max / Holgate, Douglas
ISBN: 9780425292112

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