Media4Math Teacher Bundle, 1 License Middle & High School

Media4Math Teacher Bundle, 1 License Middle & High School

  • Author: Media4Math
  • Binding: digital
  • Fiction/ Nonfiction: nonfiction
  • Subject: STEM
  • Publisher: Media4Math

Media4Math provides ready-to-use, high quality resources that teach standards-based Algebra and Geometry concepts through real world applications. Our resources address the Common Core Standards at Middle and High School Level.

The Media4Math Teacher Bundle is a digital subscription that provides one teacher access to all resources. consists of:

Media4Math Library.  Contains over 10,000 high-quality resources designed for classroom use including access to our free OER resources:   See all of the resources here:

Media4Math Classroom.  Provides ready-to-use interactive math lessons that teach, assess, and provide real-world applications of topics in Algebra and Geometry.  Assign these modules to your students and capture assessment scores in an easy-to-use Dashboard.  Sample topic: Circular Structures and SAT Math Prep—Functions.  See full list here:

Each Teacher Bundle includes:

One-year license for Media4Math Library and Media4Math Classroom.

•  On-boarding--we enter you into the system and provide login credentials.

•  Access to our training video to ensure you get maximum value with our content.

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