What Was...? (10 Books)

What Was...? (10 Books)

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  • Author: AKJ Education
  • Binding: Collection
  • Annotation: An AKJ Education exclusive collection. This collection contains all or most of the titles published in this favorite series. Please contact us if this collection does not include a particular title in the series that interests you.
  • Grade Level: 4-5
  • Publisher: AKJ Education

This Collection Contains:

What Was the Great Chicago Fire?
by Pascal, Janet B. / Foley, Tim (ILT) / HQ, Who
ISBN: 9780399541582
What Was the San Francisco Earthquake?
by Hoobler, Dorothy / Hoobler, Thomas / Hammond, Ted (ILT)
ISBN: 9780399541599
What Was the March on Washington?
by Krull, Kathleen / Tomkinson, Tim (ILT) / HQ, Who
ISBN: 9780448462875
What Was the Gold Rush?
by Holub, Joan / Tomkinson, Tim (ILT) / HQ, Who
ISBN: 9780448462899
What Was the First Thanksgiving?
by Holub, Joan / Mortimer, Lauren (ILT) / HQ, Who
ISBN: 9780448464633
What Was the Underground Railroad?
by McDonough, Yona Zeldis / Mortimer, Lauren (ILT) / Bennett, James (ILT)
ISBN: 9780448467122
What Were the Salem Witch Trials?
by Holub, Joan / Putra, Dede (ILT) / McVeigh, Kevin (ILT)
ISBN: 9780448479057
What Was Hurricane Katrina?
by Koontz, Robin / Hinderliter, John (ILT) / McVeigh, Kevin (ILT)
ISBN: 9780448486628
What Is the Declaration of Independence?
by Harris, Michael C. / McVeigh, Kevin (ILT) / Hoare, Jerry (ILT)
ISBN: 9780448486925
What Were the Twin Towers?
by O'Connor, Jim / Hammond, Ted (ILT) / McVeigh, Kevin (ILT)
ISBN: 9780448487854

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